IV Therapy

Integrative Medicine located in Lakeland, FL

Below is our list of currently available IV Therapy treatments. If you have any questions, please call our office!

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· Helps restore a healthy balance of fluid and minerals

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Hangover Cure
· Helps restore a healthy balance of fluid and minerals
· Helps alleviate hangover symptoms.

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Myers Cocktail
· Promotes recovery from Illness, injury 
· Helps with seasonal allergies, digestion issues

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Mineral Blend
· Restores nutrients depleted from heavy/prolonged physical activity
· Helps treat macronutrient deficiencies

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Vita Blend
· Promotes good eyesight
· Promotes proper nerve function
· Improves cardiovascular health
· Improves cell health, growth of red blood cells
· Promotes good digestion, 
· Aids in hormone and cholesterol production
· Improves muscle tone, energy levels
· Promotes healthy brain function.

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Inner Beauty IV Kit 
• Fortifies hair, skin and nails
• Reduces wrinkles
• Quenches tired skin

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Immunity IV KIT
· Protects against   infection
· Improves healing time
· Builds up immune system
· Reduces duration of illnesses

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Brainstorm IV Kit
· Improve overall brain function
· Increase memory recall
· Enhance certain aspects of learning

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Recovery and Performance IV KIT
· Decreases recovery time
· Enhances athletic performance
· Replenishes essential nutrients
· Reduces inflammation

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Get Up and Go IV KIT
· Helps burn fat
· Restores energy
· Boosts metabolism
· Improves performance

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